Clinical Team Updates




We are very pleased that Dr Oli Ferguson will become Partner from January 2023, taking over from Dr Bill who leaves at the end of December.

Dr Ferguson has been with us since the beginning of 2022 and we are sure he will be a great asset to the surgery in taking us forward over the coming years.

Many of our patients will already have met our two new nursing team members – Jenna McCartney: Practice Nurse, and Debbie Tann: Healthcare Assistant. Both are very experienced and enthusiastic and we have been delighted to welcome them.

Sadly, Dr Lucie Le Rolland will be leaving us and moving on to new things. Dr Le Rolland has been here for over 7 years and she will be hugely missed by patients and staff alike and we are sure you will join us in wishing her well.

Other clinical team members you may have come across already are Marwa Tayeb and Patrick Annakie.

Marwa is a Clinical Pharmacist who is able to improve outcomes from medicine and consult with patients directly, including helping to manage long term conditions and to give advice to patients on multiple medications.

Patrick is a Physician Associate, a healthcare professional with a generalist medical training who works alongside and under the supervision of our GPs providing medical care as part of the team.

Our receptionists will always ask the reason for an appointment, and they will use the information you provide to direct you to the most appropriate person in the first instance, be this the GP, Nurse, Healthcare Assistant, Clinical Pharmacist or Physician Associate.

Additionally there are other people to which the receptionist might refer or direct you:

  • To the Pharmacy, for simple complaints such as coughs, colds or conjunctivitis
  • To Social Prescribers for non-clinical help and guidance on local and community services
  • First Contact Physiotherapists for musculoskeletal complaints which might be helped by advice on exercise and physiotherapy

These health professionals all form part of the wider Primary Care service and are often the most appropriate people to see in the first instance, leaving the GPs to see the patients who most need their help.

Published: Nov 23, 2022